Automated rendering of 3D models

A client producing inflatable gates with a motive of his / her own choice was looking for a simple way to create a 3D model of his / her product, which he / she could attach to his / her own quotation.

Because they usually produce gates in several predetermined dimensions, we were thinking about how to use them and thus simplify, accelerate and reduce the cost as much as possible.

The solution is a simple web page, where the client uploads images that have to be "wound" on the model, then the rendering starts automatically and after a few minutes the client has the available visualization available for download.

These visualizations are done on our hardware, so the client does not need to purchase any special hardware or software.

Dodané služby

  • Automatizace
  • 3D Grafické práce

Doba práce: 15 - 20 hours
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